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Sibiu - The Famous City of Romania

Known in German as Hermannstadt and in Hungarian as Nagyszeben, Sibiu has always been the center of Romania's German minority since medieval times. Staircases separate the Lower Town from the Upper Town, and historically, the wealthier Saxons lived in the city center while the peasants lived in Sibiu's old town, down the steps in small, colorful houses. Sibiu is perfectly situated at the doorstep of the Carpathian Mountains and the untouched countryside of Sibiu. You can hike and truly go back in time seeing villages that haven’t changed for hundreds of years.

Romania is a country every traveler needs to visit. The country is filled with breathtaking nature and stunning architecture, reminding you of medieval times. However, a trip to Romania is incomplete if you don’t visit Sibiu. Sibiu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Romania. Located a two-and-a-half-hour drive away from Bucharest, Sibiu boasts a completely opposite architecture and lifestyle. The city is surrounded by mountains and offers fresh air, a vibrant restaurant scene, ski slopes, and a beautifully preserved old center. It’d be safe to say that wherever you look, your eyes will get to feast on the breathtaking views and marvelous architecture. But that’s not it - there’s a hidden treasure in Sibiu that you’ll easily find if you have a good eye. Wondering what it is?

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