18 U.S.C. 2257 Compliance Statement

18 U.S.C. 2257 Compliance Statement Exemption Statement

All Escorts Guide is not the primary or secondary producer of the content that you come across on this website. All types of visual depictions that are displayed on the website, whether depicting some sexually explicit content or simulated sexual conduct, are all depictions of famous adult entertainers who are all at least 18 years of age when the given visual depictions had been created.

All the other visual representations on the site are exempt from the respective 18 USC Section 2257 & 28 CFR 75th Part. This is because visual representations are not any form of visual representations of conduct particularly listed in the 18 USC Section 2256 (2) A-D. On the other hand, these are merely representations of nudity that is non-sexually explicit.

All Escorts Guide is a reliable escort directory that offers links to third-party sites that allow viewing various types of adult content. All Escorts Guide only provides links to third-party websites adhering to the respective regulations that are set in the Record Keeping Requirement of 18 USC 2257. For information related to the Custodian of Records, it is recommended to direct your queries to the right third-party websites on which the content gets produced.

With respect to the visual representations that appear on our website, for which the operators of the website tend to be producers, the given representations are exempt from the respective provisions of the 18 USC 2257 because:


The website does not display representations involving the pubic area or the genitals after 27th July 2006

It does not reveal any conduct that is sexually explicit as defined in the provisions of the 18 USC 2256 (2) A-D

It does not portray activity that might be simulated and sexually explicit while being created after the effective date of the passing of the 18 USC 2257A

The representations were created before 3rd July 1995


With respect to the title of the 18 USC 2257 (H) & 47 USC 230 C, the website’s operators have the ultimate right to delete or update content that are posted by the users that operators feel might be obsolete, indecent, inconsistent, or defamatory with the respective Terms of Service and policies.

Original records that are required for all materials pertaining to the 18 USC 2257 contained in the website are kept & monitored by the website’s owners.
In case you have questions or queries with respect to our terms of service or policies, you can reach out to us right away!