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Beijing is the capital city of the People's Republic of China and the third most famous city in the world and is ruled directly by the central government along with 16 districts, both rural and suburban. Beijing city is a crucial worldwide capital, apart from which it is also a world powerhouse as a city. Beijing is the city where ancient culture and modern civilization are well integrated into today’s world. It attracts many millions of visitors and tourists both at home and abroad each year to enjoy its rich culture and wonderful landscape. Thanks to its immense influence in world politics, finance, economy and business, technology, culture, education, innovation, architecture, diplomacy, and language. Beijing presents a galaxy of China's famous cuisine. Few cities in the world have as much historical charm as Beijing city and many people, when they hear the name Beijing it means China’s capital, splendid palaces, the Great Wall, and the Forbidden City also, which was home to 24 emperors. At night when the sun sets and the streetlights start to shine through, it looks as though the stars have found a home on Earth. It is truly a sight to behold with nothing but romance in the air. Plus, the people of Beijing are cute, energetic, and friendly – not to forget quite athletic and fit.

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